Selling Your Home Part Two: Your Property on The Market

Once you’ve done your background research and have found a great real estate agent, they’ll guide you through the necessary steps to prep your property for the market.

Once the property is ready to be listed, there’s a number of steps your agent will take to drum up interest, increase value perceptions and encourage potential buyers to engage with your property on a deep and genuine level.

The on the market process includes…

  • Connecting with your solicitor/Conveyancer – In order for an agent to market and sell your property, a contract of sale needs to be be prepared by a conveyancer or solicitor.
  • Agency agreement – Before the agent can market your property, they must sign a contract with you called an `agency agreement ́. An agency agreement is a legally binding contract, so it’s crucial that you completely read through this and understand it in full. If you’re not sure about the agreement terms, don’t proceed before getting legal advice. The NSW Fair Trading fact sheet for agency agreements states that ‘signing an agency agreement means that you authorise an agent to do certain things for you in relation to the sale of your property, such as arranging advertising and inspections and receiving deposits from buyer. The agreement must specify what the agent is authorised to do for you and must state all commissions and any other costs you may be liable to pay.’
  • Creating impressive photos for the online listing – it only takes a few moments of browsing home listings online to see that there’s a difference between average sales photos and fantastic, attention-grabbing images. You want your home to be displayed in the best light possible, so the engagement of a quality photographer is an important part of this process. Your real estate agent will manage this process to ensure the highest quality results in order to increase online and print resources and consequential interest.
  • The creation of advertisement copy – selling a three bedroom, two-bathroom home? The writing of the ad process is not quite that simple. Effective ads are able to distil what’s truly special and attractive about your home and communicate that in an emotive and engaging manner. Great copy requires skill, experience and sophistication, and is another place where your real estate agent’s experience and expertise will allow them to show off to potential buyers on your behalf.
  • The printing and distribution of brochures – maybe you’ve found a brochure in your mailbox before listing a home for sale in your area. Print brochures are still a compelling and effective way to engage potential buyers and let people know that your home is on the market. This can be particularly effective in your local neighbourhood, as neighbours can be activists on your behalf, letting friends and family members know who might be looking to move into the area.
  • Inspections – if your online and print advertisements are doing their job well, your real estate agent will begin to book inspections in order to show the property to prospective buyers. Whilst these can feel a little intrusive, as you need to open your home up to the outside world and have it presented in great condition, in-person inspections can be the most effective way to secure a sale as buyers have the opportunity to fall in love first-hand.
  • The signboard – the presentation of your home on the ‘for sale’ signboard that will be placed in your front yard is another strong opportunity to engage with the prospective buying market and increase interest from drive-by traffic. Your agent will coordinate this and design it with maximum impact in mind.
  • Online listings – with so many buyers perusing online real estate sources, it’s crucial to have your property front and centre in their considerations.
  • Press and media – is there something truly special and unique about your home? Although it’s not an effective sales approach for every listing, local press and media will latch on to a story if your agent can find a way to present them with a fresh angle on the property. This is another great way to find prospective buyers.
  • Social media – this is another great platform to reach thousands of people, particularly through the use of Facebook as a marketing tool. By sponsoring an ad on Facebook via the agent’s page, you’re allowing people to view your home online, as well as potentially tag any friends or family members that may be interested. Sponsored ads via Facebook are a powerful tool to provide crucial exposure to your property in this advancing digital world.

Continue on for more information with Part Three: Achieving Results for the final piece of the sales process puzzle!


Andrew Diadyk is a Licensed Real Estate Agent covering Ingleburn and Macarthur’s real estate markets. Passionate about building strong long-term relationships and achieving outstanding results for his clients, Andrew is the partner you need when embarking on the sale of your home.

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