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Andrew Diadyk

Born and raised in Ingleburn Sydney’s South West, Andrew has quickly developed a reputation for attention to detail and is often referred to as extremely trustworthy, honest and ‘the guy that will break his back to put a smile on your face’. Over-delivering on a sale price for your property and building life long relationships is the aim of his game.

When asked about his work ethic his response was; “Imagine you just landed the job of your dreams, how hard would you work to generate the best result possible? Every client / vendor I get on board is just as important as the first client I ever had. Getting them the best result not only makes both of us happy, but it organically helps spread the word about my work ethic and skill set. I have, and always will put in 100% for each and every one of my clients to get that extra dollar. What I think sets me apart from most other agents is I’m young, energetic, hungry to be the best and don’t just want to sell a property, I want to squeeze the blood out of the stone to make sure my vendor does not lose out on what they deserve.

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