Presentation tips on preparing your home for sale

A crucial component when preparing your home for sale is presentation! It is key to achieving a great result and positioning you ahead of the rest. Showcasing your home to the utmost attention to detail attracts more premium buyers & in return generates increased interest. Below are some helpful tips when it comes time for photography and presenting your property.


  • Clean all bench tops removing all personal items
  • Remove any pictures, magnets etc off fridge
  • No dishes, tea towels, washing detergent in sight
  • Remove anything placed high on top of cupboards
  • Fruit bowls with fresh fruit always looks nice or green apples in a white bowl


  • All beds made
  • Turn on bedside lamps and open curtains
  • Clear all personal items off bedside cabinets
  • Minimize items on dressing table and floor
  • Clear anything away that is visible under the bed


  • Remove all toiletries, shampoo bottles, faceclothes
  • Remove all mats
  • Remove all towels, perhaps one folded with a bar of soap placed on top
  • Clean all glass serves, no streaks as they will show up on the image
  • Bathrooms always look better stripped back

Living areas

  • Remove all personal belongings, toys, magazines, fans, exercise equipment
  • No tablecloths, flowers are always nice on the dining table
  • Turn on any lamps you may have whether its day or night
  • Remove all pictures of your children
  • Remember less is more, that way the buyer can image their own furniture in there

Entertainment area

  • Mow all lawns and remove leaves
  • Remove hoses, toys, brushes, gardening tools etc
  • If you are having a twilight shoot, all lights turned on, inside & outside
  • Remove cover from BBQ
  • If you have a nice setting outside perhaps dress the table

Pool area

  • Clean pool and remove creepy crawly
  • Ensure leaves have been removed
  • Remove any toys, cleaning items that you may have lying around
  • If you own a dog please remove kennel, bowls and any relatable items

All credit for these helpful tips is courtesy from our wonderful photographer Pat Milmlow from Absolute Images. Being in the industry for many years has given Pat great attention to detail when photographing a property. We hope that this article has been helpful and given you the right direction when preparing your property for the market.

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